Arlington Production – The Suitcase Kid

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Arlington Production

Since the beginning of the school year, Arlington children have been working hard on getting ready for their 2018 production. There has been a focus on developing the relationships and camaraderie of the cast, as well as their performance of the play. The children have been adapting lyrics from the stage show into their own songs, as well as writing entirely original music to be performed in our unique adaptation. They have also developed some scenes to make them their own.

We are proud to present The Suitcase Kid by Jacqueline Wilson, adapted by Vicky Ireland for the stage. The Suitcase Kid is a story of ten-year-old Andy who used to live happily at Mulberry Cottage with her family: Mum, Dad, and Radish the rabbit, who lives in Andy’s pockets and shares all her secrets. But then it all went wrong: Mum went to live with Bill, and Dad went off with Carrie. And Andy is expected to shuttle between the two – living out of a suitcase – and come to terms with her strange new families.

Our journey started on the 9th February with 20 students eager and excited to develop their acting skills and craft.  Through games that focus on drama, team and trust building, and character development, this amazing group of children has worked tirelessly to create their own interpretation of this fantastic play.

As a group we meet each Friday for 100 minutes to develop and practise.  The students are excited to present their piece to the Preshil community.

The shows will be presented on the evenings of the 6th & 7th of June at the Kevin Borland Hall. Tickets are available here.

Michelle Berner & Paul O’Leary
Teachers & Production Team

More information about Creative and Performing Arts and Preshil can be found here.

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