Music Students Perform at Royal Melbourne Hospital

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Live Music is Good For You

It has been well documented that listening to and making music has calming and healing effects on people.

For the past 21 years music therapy staff at the Royal Melbourne Hospital have been further developing this to create one of the most incredible alternate therapy opportunities for patients. The dedicated staff work tirelessly to provide music therapy of all kinds for hospital patients and during the first week of May they extend an offer to schools to share the joy through their Live Music Is Good For You festival.

Once again, Preshil musicians from Years 7-11 entertained and indeed captivated patients and their visiting families, nurses, doctors and staff. The All In Group, Pavement Choir and Strings Attached had the audience’s complete attention, creating an atmosphere of fun, excitement and sheer pleasure. Gulliver Poole, Amelie Justin, Sam Wood, Lucinda Greene, Sam Heeps, Audrey Robinson and Max McCafferty all performed solos, bringing the house down with their passionate, committed and heart-felt performances.

The music therapy team was so excited with the performance of “What A Wonderful World” by Strings Attached  that they asked us to repeat the performance so they could join us and sing along. It was a day filled with beautiful notes, spirited energy and immense pride of our wonderful musicians at Preshil.

Sincere thanks to parents, Katrina Holmes a Court and Tahlee Campese, who came along to support the musicians and transport instruments. Thanks also to the instrumental staff for helping the students prepare for the performance, as well as music staff Michelle Berner, Natasha Prewett and Atilla Kuti for being there to help support us on the day.

To learn more about Creative and Performing Arts at Preshil, please click here.

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