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Hello from the Treehouse Studio at Arlington (Kindergarten and Primary School), where children are challenged to create and grow through art.  We now have a 3D printer which the children have fondly named Stevie.  Scott Phillips from The Robots Are Coming came in to train some of our students.  They are currently in the process of preparing a Preshil 3D Printers for Dummies guide so that they can train up the rest of the school.

At the end of last term, the 7s, 8s & 9s began an inquiry across Art and Music that explores how artists use colour and other elements visually and musically to impact on emotions.  They have experimented with colour, making paintings from the shades and tints of one hue and exploring the effect of painting with complementary colours.  They have also had fun translating lots of different types of music visually using other design elements such as line and shape.

Preshil parent and alumni, Stephen Bram generously gave his time to visit the 7s, 8s & 9s in the Treehouse Studio.  He showed them pictures of his studio and the children asked him some questions they had prepared in relation to their inquiry.

How long have you been making artwork for?  – Leo
What does art make you feel? – Audrey
Do you paint when you just want to or do you paint when you’re feeling emotions?  And do you listen to music when you make art? – Arabella
Did you ever go through a colour phase?  And is colour important to you? – Annabel
Is there a colour that really changes your emotions or makes you feel happy?  And how would you consider a powerful artwork? – Hephzibah
Can you give us some advice on how to start? – Benji

Stephen brought in some of the music that he often plays in his own studio while painting.  We played it in the Treehouse Studio as the children collaborated with Stephen to make a large painting.

Later in the Term, visual and sound artist, Michael Greave will run a half day workshop for the 7s, 8s & 9s.  He works across painting and sound disciplines through easel painting, site-specific installation, painting and sound installation, sound performance and composition.  He will be talking to the children about being an artist and musician with synesthesia. More information can be found on his website.

Also in the Treehouse Studio of Arlington Art…

The Lofties have been exploring all things natural in preparation for Bush School.  They have been collecting, drawing and sculpting.  While we have focused on observational drawing, some of our artists had a go at exploring and drawing texture through touch.  With a blindfold on, they felt the textures of different natural objects and then attempted to draw how they felt.  The 3s & 4s have also been nature explorers.  We put on our imaginary explorer binoculars and went adventuring around the school.  We played particular attention to the trees.

“They go yellow because it’s Autumn” – Oscar
“You can see the leaf’s bones” – Camillla
“The trees are fainting” – Azzie

So we investigated this fainting tree syndrome in a storybook all about Autumn and collected leaves to bring back to the Treehouse Studio.  The children created collages and rubbings.

The 10s & 11s have finished their screen-print designs and are now continuing their exploration into how celebrations and traditions can be expressions of shared beliefs and values.  Our young artists are in the process of developing designs for collaborative sculptural lanterns for the Winter Solstice celebration at the end of the term.

To learn more about Creative and Performing Arts at Preshil, please click here.

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