Growing Vegetables at Arlington

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With the warmer weather finally showing itself here and there, the children in the gardening elective have been busy taking care of the garden beds. Recently we had a great silverbeet harvest so we decided to make a silverbeet omelette (using the last of our Preshil eggs as well!) We have also had a bumper crop of potatoes, spring onions, rocket, lettuce and broad beans. We will be using these ingredients in the coming weeks to make salads and french fries.

To fill all the empty spaces in the garden beds we have planted tomatoes, basil, edamame beans, leeks, chives, dill, sage and garlic chives. Sadly over the last few weeks we have been watching our cabbage and cauliflower get slowly devoured by cabbage moth. To try and stop this from happening with our next crops we are going to look into what companion crops we can plant to keep those bugs away.

Clinton Morgan, 5s Classroom Teacher

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