Multi-Age PE and Coaching

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As part of the Year 9 Physical Health Education program, the students are required to complete a coaching certification through the Australian Sports Commission.

The 6s & 7s will be working with the Year 9s over the next 3 weeks, learning and practising Fundamental Motor Skills. Fundamental Movement Skills, usually referred to as FMS, are the basic building blocks or precursor patterns of the more specialised, complex skills used in organised and non organised games, sports and recreational activities. These skills include run, hop, skip, jump and throw.

The FMS that the 6s & 7s are learning will complement our 4 week ‘Tennis Hot Shots’ program. This is led by Danny Oltvey at the tennis courts next door. In addition to practising and building FMS, the children will develop their Perceptual Motor Skills (PMS). PMS such as tracking, receiving, interpreting and responding to particular information and environments is essential to the personal development of the student. Children need to understand how to interpret information when playing in games and respond accordingly to develop their movement skills and competence.

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