Everyone Should Have a Home

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Hi, I’m Martha and I’m in Year 7.

I am writing to tell you about a very serious problem – homelessness – which affects 116,000 Australians every year. It can cause devastation in anyone’s life and can be caused by many things, such as shortage of affordable housing, family breakdown and drug and alcohol abuse. 

But there are organisations devoted to help, and we need to support them. I invite the Preshil community to support two special organisations.

The first is Kids Under Cover, a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to preventing youth homelessness. The stuff they do is quite incredible. For example, they help youths at risk of, or experiencing, homelessness by building sustainable, one-storey studios equipped with two bedrooms (for space, as an overcrowded home is one of the causes of youth homelessness) and a bathroom, all of which is built in the backyard of a family member or close friend. These studios are checked on regularly for maintenance and once they are no longer needed they can be taken apart and relocated to be used again.

The other charity that I would love us to help is the Sacred Heart Mission, a very active not-for-profit organisation that provides food, clothes and support for people experiencing homelessness.

Now that I’ve told you the problem, here are some ways we can help with the development of a solution:

  1. There will be a jar in the Blackhall Kalimna front office for gold coin (and note) donations to Kids Under Cover. You can also donate via their website.
  2. There will be two tubs in Kris and Phuong’s office for good quality winter clothing and equipment (including jumpers, fleeces, coats and blankets). If you are in a hurry you can also drop your donations at Blackhall Reception.

These two projects are open for donations from until Friday 27 March. Thank you so much for helping!

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