Our wonderful maintenance team have been busy

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Aesthetics – a set of principles of nature and the appreciation of beauty, and a branch of philosophy that deals with questions of beauty and artistic taste – is one of the 16 MYP key concepts. These combine with related concepts and a global context to form the overarching umbrella Inquiry Statement that underpins the learning throughout the middle years.

While students explore a concept such as aesthetics through each of the eight disciplines, gaining a deeper and broader understanding through the varied perspectives, they are also surrounded by aesthetics and questions of beauty in their day-to-day life. Fashion and personal appearance are a constant consideration in most of our daily routines, however, the business of life often distracts us from noticing the beauty right in front of us, something that struck me as I walked through the front school gate one morning.

While strolling around the grounds during times of remote learning feels empty, the beauty of the gardens, architecture and facilities becomes obvious. Flanked by the grand old manors of Blackhall and Kalimna, the grounds brim with flowers, creepers and budding trees. The pathways are cleared of leaves, the garden beds full of compost and mulch, the creepers tamed and kept in check and the trees pruned and ready for spring. This vibrantly healthy garden is under the judicious care of our maintenance team, Greg and Emma. Together, much like conductors of an orchestra, they bring unity amongst the plants to form this symphony of colour and beauty.  

The recent period of lockdown has enabled our maintenance team to focus their attention on bigger jobs that cannot be attended to with many people onsite, traditionally only possible in holiday breaks. Areas such as the Music building and Media space have been freshened up with a coat of paint, the Blackbox interior has been revamped and windows restored and the Library decking has received much-needed repair and oiling. These works and many others have contributed to the maintenance and upgrading of our wonderful facilities. 

The School’s cleaning team, led by Lance, has also made use of the lockdown to complete more intensive cleaning. Systematically working their way through the School, they are getting into every corner of every room to ensure that the buildings are ready to welcome our students and staff back. We are lucky to have such a dedicated crew making our spaces look so beautiful.

The magnificent aesthetic of our school would not exist without these wonderful people who work quietly in the shadows to constantly improve and enhance our facilities and grounds.

Much gratitude is extended to them all for their care and dedication in striving for beauty in our school.

Karoline Kuti

Head of Campus





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