Exhibition in the Junior School

Our Sunroom and Lofties students recently hosted a joint art exhibition in the Arlington Hall, and we were delighted to see our Kindergarten students come for a visit!

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The Sunroom presents an exhibition of emotions. As part of their Art inquiry into how an artist’s environment influences the art they make, each student has painted a building from the Melbourne area through the lens of a chosen emotion.

They curated the exhibition, transforming their paintings into two collaborative installations. See if you can pick the mood they are trying to conjure! The exhibition ties into their Music Unit of Inquiry ‘Music is a fundamental form of expression and communication’ (no performances).

Through their exploration of mood and emotions in music, the Sunroom has used the exhibition as an opportunity to demonstrate their understanding of how composers manipulate the elements of music- beat, rhythm, pitch, harmony, timbre, texture, dynamics and tempo to create the desired mood in order to connect with, and influence, an audience.

The Lofties exhibited their Georgia O’Keeffe-inspired flower paintings where the focus was on the composition and application of analogous and complementary colours. They are also exhibiting collagraph prints using Arlington as their inspiration. The prints were designed as placemats for the Year 12 Valedictory Dinner.

Congratulations to all students and staff involved! It 

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