2023 School Production Cast Announcement

After a rigorous, and often entertaining, audition process, we are delighted to announce the cast for our production of Spamalot!

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Lead Roles
King Arthur – Manny Anasson
Patsy – Aimee Smith
Lady of the Lake – Issy Hayes
Brave Sir Robin – Stella Holmes a Court
Herbert – Noe Schwartz
Sir Galahad – Jesse Pollitt
Sir Lancelot – Imogen Adams
Sir Bedevere – Charlie Button 
Not Dead Fred – Spencer Grinter
Historian / Galahad’s Mother – CJ Reynolds

Solo Acting Roles and Solo Singing Roles
Voice of God – A Surprise Staff Member Mayor of Finland – Jude Schwartz
French Taunter – Alex Thoraval Finland Villagers – Eva & Marlo
French Guards – Archie V & Adriana Wills Singing Monks – Mat Haby & TBC 
Brother Maynard – Maddy Lilley Robin’s Minstrels – Sammy & TBC
The Knight of Ni – Flo Hargrave
The Knights of Ni – TBC
The Black Knight – Mina Fraillon
Herbert’s Father – Tuesday Moses
Guards 1 & 2 – Rafi and Mat
Tim the Enchanter – Archie Bown
Sir Bors – TBC

Rafi Adeney, Archie Bown, Marlo Evans,
Mina Fraillon, Spencer Grinter, Eva Guardiani,
Mat Haby, Flo Hargrave, Neve Kennedy,
Asher King, Thomas McGarvey, Tuesday Moses,
Iris Phillips, Joyee Reilly, CJ Reynolds,
Sammy Riddle, Jude Schwartz, Alex Thoraval


Congratulations to all students involved in the cast and behind-the-scenes work of the production – we look forward to purchasing tickets in Term 2!

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