BK Campus Map
Kalimna Space The Cottage Kitchen Music Film & Media - Arts Library Blackhall Blackbox The Cage

Kalimna Space

The Kalimna building has recently been updated and is now the hub of the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme, catering to Year 11 and 12 students. Housing the Senior Student Common Room, the space fosters healthy social interactions, comfort and connectedness within our community.

The space is flexible, it facilitates dynamic learning experiences, campfire storytelling, one-to-one conferencing and student teams in project-based learning. Spaces are available for the senior students to use as a study environment as well.

Within this beautiful heritage mansion we see a juxtaposition of the old and new; progressive learning spaces in gorgeous buildings.

The Cottage

Our Cottage has been designed as an approachable, comfortable and safe space.

It is home to both the Wellbeing and Careers hubs, where students are able to access counselling, chill out spaces, meetings with on-site professionals and conferences for future pathways conversations.


Our Kitchen Garden Elective comes to life in the kitchen, where our impressive 10-course Spring Dinner Degustation menus are planned, designed, prepared and plated!


The music area is a flexible and inviting space for students to delight in collaborative, creative and therapeutic musical exploration.

The space is light and bold, with walls decorated with student art, including the celebrated Ted Griffiths, and plays host to a symphony of ensembles, individual instrumental instruction and lunchtime jamming

Film & Media - Arts

Lights! Camera! Action! The Film and Media Room combines literally old school charm (the school building dates from 1934) and a contemporary suite of digital filmmaking technology. This space is divided into two joined areas. The first is an editing room fully equipped with iMac computers loaded with professional video editing software. The second is the cinema room equipped with an immersive cinema screen and furnished with comfy couches and bean bags. The cinema also transforms into a lighting and sound studio for broadcast quality video production. In the The Film and Media Room have access to a wide range of filmmaking equipment including current 4k Mirrorless Digital Cameras, Full HD Digital Single Lens Reflex (DSLR) Cameras, a range of autofocus and manual focus cinema lenses, microphones, boom poles, steady cams, dolly’s, tripods, studio lights, foley station and more to enable outstanding creative film productions to be made.


The beating heart of the school; the library is filled with stories, knowledge and wonder. Whether privately studying, chilling or playing a game of chess with friends, students and teachers are welcome to bask in the sometimes tranquil, and sometimes wild energy of this special space.

The library is an inclusive and open community area that often miraculously transforms into a lecture hall, a meeting room, a theatre space, a museum, an exhibition space and sometimes even a 5 star restaurant.


The Blackhall building houses reception, offices, classrooms and science labs.

It is a beautiful heritage mansion, with an exciting juxtaposition of the old and the new; progressive learning spaces in antique buildings; mystical sense of intrigue and magical curiosity.


Our fabulous theatre performance hub and space for private music sessions (there is a piano), professional theatre performances and outside of school drama classes (through the company Drama with a Difference). Year 7-12 have showcases here of work they are doing in class and our Year 12 students perform all major work here for parents and audiences of their choice.

As per its name, the space is entirely black with tiered seating for around 30-40 people. There are professional lights though the only ones available for school usage are the ‘trees’/ free standing lights on either side of the audience area.

The Cage

The irony of its name as the ‘cage’ comes from it’s literal physical form (a big sports court enclosure, purely to stop balls flying into the nearby buildings of our intimate campus space), yet the philosophy of this multi-use arena is about as far from the concept of trapping freedom or lacking spirit as you could get. Our logo motif (bird) and ethos ‘courage’ is actually hand-woven with string into the fence.

It is overlooked by a painted mural from the most recent graduating class and is neighboured by a sports shed world of equipment from traditional sports, recreational games, outdoor education/first aid, fitness tools, aquatic, adaptive/sensory and aesthetic movement materials.

It is not just used for physical & health education, electives, extracurricular activities. With its various sporting boundary lines, nets & worn-with-love soccer goals, this space is so special because without trying, it so powerfully brings students of all ages together - to congregate, enjoy ‘unstructured’ and self-umpired game play and form unique bonds across different year groups, just as they would in the playground during their early childhood days. It is always filled with students & teachers alike and echoed by laughter -before/after school, during snack and lunch time- proving the gravitational feeling of ‘home’ that it emulates for many.