Arlington Campus

Arlington Campus
The Pines & Hut Alley The Kevin Borland Hall The Tree House Art Room The Sunroom, 8s&9s (Grades 3 and 4) The Peppercorns, 10s & 11s (Years 5 & 6)

The Pines & Hut Alley

We often describe Preshil as a backyard for our children.

Tucked in the north-western corner of our Arlington campus are The Pines and Hut Alley. A responsive and evolving space, this area is currently home to our "Frog Bog", bush school and Hut Alley.

This is a space where children use real tools and work materials to build huts, shops, homes and rooms; it's a space where we can light fires and cook meals; we can observe ecosystems, climb trees, create gardens and go exploring.

Observations from the children of their experiences of The Pines and Hut Alley are many and varied, read some below...

"The Pines are my favourite place at Arlington because we get to play in the water and eat toasted marshmallows which are my favourite"

"I love The Pines and climbing trees"

"My classroom is special because we have a door that leads straight to The Pines"

The Kevin Borland Hall

When the hall was being built, the children demanded that it be made in a star shape, and that the stage have a secret trapdoor.

Home to many special Preshil memories, it is where music lessons take place, whole school singing is enjoyed, exhibitions are displayed, and where families gather to share some Preshil magic.

The hall is a favourite place for many Preshil students, read on for some of their reflections...

"My favourite space at Arlington is the Hall, because of the musical instruments and the open space."

"The Hall is my favourite because of the instruments and that's where Choir and Strings and Things are."

The Tree House Art Room

Perched in the centre of the Football Field, the Treehouse art spaces look over much of the school. The airy, welcoming rooms are complemented by a pottery kiln and 3D printer (in the Maker Space).

"I love the Treehouse because it has a lot of supplies to make art and you can see other kids' work"

"My favourite space is the art room because it’s so colourful"

The Sunroom, 8s&9s (Grades 3 and 4)

With its orientation to the glorious northern winter sun, the extensive windows in this building, combined with its pitched northern cathedral roof, leave us with little doubt as to why this space is known as The Sun Room.

The aesthetics of the space are so important to how we feel upon entering the room. The natural timbers of the ceiling, combined with the somewhat antique, but charming kitchen/dining tables, as well as the plush red velvet of The Queen’s couch (the Meeting Place in this room), makes the Sun Room feel more like a warm and inviting community building; something you might stumble upon whilst exploring some small country town on a weekend getaway.

The southern wall is mostly glass and helps create a connection to the Kindergarten. At times, the children invent games or interactions with the Littlies from the Kindergarten as they sit in the Bay window, building that sense of community, as well as memories, come the day that that the Littlies become Sun Roomers and no doubt complete the cycle.

The Queen’s Couch is a unique piece of furniture in the Sun Room. Its curved design lends beautifully to group discussion; an important and daily occurrence. With ample floor space, the children can work on various investigations, creations, constructions and inquiries either sitting, crouching, kneeling, lying down. Alternatively the large timber tables enable the children to draw, draft, paint and express all manner of ideas and thinking.

The Peppercorns, 10s & 11s (Years 5 & 6)

Peppercorn Place is the home of our oldest primary school students. A space designed with inquiry, personal development, social relationships and curiosity in mind. Along with its kitchen and ample indoor learning areas, the students find themselves further enjoying its outdoor spaces, equipped with couches and tables.

It is lovely hearing what makes the classroom special for both students and their teachers..

"The light that comes through the space and that we can see the gardens through the glass."

"The little break out areas and the natural material in here blends with the outside so it is nice and soft."

"And the kitchen. It creates that homely shared community feel, and responsible use in the kids. I often say "one day you're going to live in a share house...""

"My favourite space is the lounge outside our classroom"