A Back to School Night By The Fireside

On Tuesday 7 and Wednesday 8 February 2023, we welcome our Lighthouse, Sunroom, Loft Room and Peppercorns families to the Arlington Campus for a special look into the year of learning ahead at the Arlington Campus.

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Back to School Nights, affectionately called Fireside Chats for our primary campus, are an essential part of the school year, allowing parents and guardians to meet their child’s teachers and learn about the curriculum and expectations for the upcoming school year. Additionally, provide an opportunity for parents to learn about their child’s early education and set the foundation for their future academic success.

This year, the event was held over the course of two evenings, with separate sessions for each classroom. Parents were invited to attend and meet with their child’s teachers to learn more about the curriculum, expectations, and other important information related to their child’s education.

We kicked off these evenings with an Acknowledgement of Country and some welcoming words from our Principal, Josh Brody. We also heard from our Head of Campus (Arlington), Cressida Batterham-Wilson and our Director of Kindergarten and OSCH, Stewart Thorn.

Thank you to our teachers and staff who worked hard to ensure that families had plenty of opportunities to ask questions!

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