A Global Partnership for Progress in Education

Preshil has been making strides in the world of education by partnering with the Progressive Education Network (PEN).

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This collaboration has enabled Preshil to explore the PEN framework and how it connects to their own educational practices.

The PEN is an organization that advocates for progressive education, which prioritizes student-centered learning, experiential education, and community engagement. Preshil’s partnership with PEN has allowed them to gain a deeper understanding of these values and how they can be implemented in the classroom.

Board members from the PEN have conducted sessions for Preshil’s faculty and staff to introduce them to the organisation’s framework. Through these sessions, Preshil has gained a greater understanding of the progressive education movement and how it aligns with their own philosophy.

Preshil’s commitment to progressive education has also led to conversations with PEN leadership about the possibility of a pilot program for a PEN group involving schools in the Melbourne area. This program would allow schools to work collaboratively to explore the PEN framework and how it can be implemented in their classrooms.

The potential benefits of this pilot program are numerous. By working together, schools can share ideas and resources to enhance their educational practices. They can also gain a deeper understanding of the progressive education movement and how it can be applied in their unique contexts.

Preshil’s partnership with PEN is a testament to our commitment to providing a high-quality, progressive education for students. By collaborating with like-minded organisations and schools, Preshil is working to create a more holistic and effective approach to education.

In a world where traditional models of education are being called into question, Preshil’s commitment to progressive education is refreshing. By prioritising student-centred learning and community engagement, they are preparing their students for success in the 21st century.

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