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Essentials Tools

Digistorm (Funnel), Folio & Google Workspaces (Education Plus)

Google Workspaces

  • Create various types of collaborative files: Docs, Sheets, Forms, Slides, Sites
  • Organise your files: Drive
  • Communicate: Meet, Gmail, Chat (inc. group chats on Spaces)
  • Track events and things you need to do: Keep, Calendar
  • Project manage (simple projects): Classroom (yes Classroom 🙂 – surprisingly flexible) & Jamboard (a much simpler subset of Miro)
⚠️ IMPORTANT: Ensure you are using Google Chrome as your web browser AND you are logged into your Preshil Gmail account ONLY (no other Gmail accounts in that same browser at all!). If you want to also have access to personal emails, do so on Firefox or Safari.

Digitstorm – Funnel

A tool for managing PARENT engagement and onboarding

Folio Collaborative


Record peer reviews, nominate professional development goals and more broadly plan / track your career development at Preshil using Folio


Procedure flow charts - technology oriented

Procedure List

MYP & DP Teacher Tools

Google Classroom

Preshil on

For instructional videos demonstrating Preshil systems (including those made by Preshil teachers and curated playlists) – visit Preshil on YouTube

🎦 Preshil YouTube


State & Commonwealth Compliance for Independent Schools

Our online month-to-month calendar outlines key dates for compliance and accountability issues.