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Highlights from the 76th Preshil Association Annual General Meeting (AGM)

Through the collective efforts of the Preshil community, the School is poised to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of education and continue providing an exceptional learning environment for its students. Thank you to all that were able to attend this meeting on Thursday 18 May 2023.

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The 76th Annual General Meeting of the Preshil School Association was held recently, marking another milestone in the history of our esteemed school. The meeting, attended by dedicated members, parents, staff, and stakeholders, served as a platform to discuss and decide upon crucial matters concerning the School’s governance and progress. With a comprehensive agenda in place, the meeting delved into important reports, financial statements, and the appointment of key positions. Let’s take a closer look at the highlights of this important event:

  1. Approval of the Minutes: The meeting commenced with a review and approval of the Minutes from the previous year’s Annual General Meeting held on May 19, 2022. This provided an opportunity for members to reflect on the decisions made and actions taken in the preceding year.

  2. Adoption of the Chairperson’s Annual Report: The Chairperson of the Council, Emma Zipper, presented the Annual Report, which summarised the achievements, challenges and strategic initiatives undertaken by the association over the past year. This comprehensive report shed light on the milestones reached and outlined some the future goals for Preshil.

  3. Adoption of the Principal’s Annual Report: Following the Chairperson’s Report, the Principal presented the Annual Report, highlighting the academic, co-curricular and administrative accomplishments of the School. This report offered insights into the educational programs, student achievements, and initiatives undertaken to enhance the overall learning environment. Special thanks were shared with our valued parents who have been driving important work on our Library Committee, Parent Education Committee and Sustainable Campus Committee.

  4. Review of Financial Statements: The meeting dedicated a significant portion of time to review and adopt the financial statements for the year ending 31 December 2022. These statements provided a comprehensive overview of the school’s financial performance, including income, expenditure, assets, and liabilities. The financial report offered transparency and accountability, assuring the members of the association about the School’s fiscal health.

  5. Appointment of Auditors: The Association proceeded to appoint auditors and determine their remuneration. This step underlines the commitment of the Preshil School Association to uphold strong financial governance practices and maintain transparency in its operations.

  6. Election of Council Members: In accordance with the Constitution of Preshil, the meeting conducted elections to fill vacant positions on the Council. This democratic process allowed members to elect individuals who would contribute their expertise and guide the association’s strategic decisions.

  7. Addressing Other Business: The Annual General Meeting also provided an opportunity for members to bring forward any additional matters for discussion and consideration. This segment allowed for open dialogue and the exploration of various ideas and concerns that could positively impact the School’s future.

The 76th Annual General Meeting of the Preshil Association was an instrumental event that facilitated the evaluation, reflection, and planning necessary for the continuous growth and success of the school. By approving minutes, adopting reports, scrutinizing financial statements, and appointing auditors and council members, the meeting exemplified the association’s commitment to transparency, accountability, and collaborative decision-making.

Through the collective efforts of the Preshil community, the school is poised to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of education and provide an exceptional learning environment for its students.

You may like to download our 2022 Annual Report by using this button:

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