CERES Visits Preshil

We were delighted to welcome CERES to Preshil and to talk about all things sustainability!

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On Wednesday 26 October 2022, Jane Burns from CERES Consulting came to visit the Preshil to look at our compost system at the Arlington Campus.

CERES Consulting is a social enterprise that provides education, training, environmental management and facilitation services for businesses, government and community. They draw on 40 years’ of experience in education and community development to help organisations create sustainable and connected places, communities, and a future for all.

During her visit, Jane saw the worm farm in the Kindergarten and Clinton’s compost system in the garden. She also observed that there has already been some fantastic work done and we are lucky to have such dedicated staff.

We hope to build on this system and become a zero food waste to landfill school by 2023 which will help to reduce our carbon footprint as food in landfill creates methane. We are also ambitiously aiming to achieve a landfill reduction of 80% as a school by the end of next year.
Currently, Preshil is sending 3,880 kilograms of food waste to landfills each year which is equivalent to two years worth of electricity for an average household (using fossil fuel electricity). You might like to read more about the average household by clicking here (click to open).
Jane observed Preshil’s commitment to Reconciliation and commented that this new bin system is not about rules and regulations but rather it is a way to demonstrate a respect of Country.

Preshil is grateful to the dedicated parents and students on our sustainable campus committee that work hard behind the scenes to improve and preserve our precious spaces.

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