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Changemaker Update – Term 1 2024

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I’m Amanda Seefeld and this year I’m heading our exciting new subject – Changemaker. As well as designing our Changemaker curriculum, I’m personally writing the Year 9 program. This year our 9’s get to create a social enterprise CAFE, nourishing souls and the students and staff at Preshil. Now there’s nothing I like more than a great coffee in the morning, so it made complete sense to implore the Year 9’s with this exciting CAFÉ project.

Felicity Robinson is running our Year 10 program – Personal Project/What it means to Volunteer. The year 10s are charged with creating a personal project that has a community aspect to it. They’re also educated about various volunteering opportunities within the community, imbuing the benefits of volunteering and preparing them for CAS.

Through the Changemaker program, students not only gain practical experience but also cultivate a deep sense of social responsibility, recognizing their potential to be catalysts for positive change. This initiative is about nurturing a mindset of innovation, compassion, and the belief that each student has the capacity to contribute meaningfully to the betterment of our global Community.

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