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What is Changemaker? It’s somebody who’s not afraid to do something different in the service of a good cause.

Changemaker is a unique and powerful subject that is new to the curriculum at Preshil. Changemaker empowers students to help individuals, their communities, and various causes assisting students to find personal agency and advocate for an inclusive society.

This program goes beyond conventional education, encouraging students to explore and apply their skills in real-world contexts. Through the Changemaker program, students not only gain practical experience but also cultivate a deep sense of social responsibility, recognising their potential to be catalysts for positive change.

This initiative is about nurturing a mindset of innovation, compassion, and the belief that each student has the capacity to contribute meaningfully to the betterment of our global community.

Changemaker runs for one semester for our MYP students, in years 7-10.

Changemaker is scheduled once a week – Year levels will get together for 2 sessions per week to work on unique projects that will assist our communities.

Each year level has an age-appropriate program designed to teach students how they can assist or volunteer within the community. Small steps will one day create big change in the world.

The programs are written by Preshil staff for Preshil students and include:

Year 7 – Group interest projects (last years 7’s worked with hospitals, animal shelters, primary schools and advocacy groups, all with their own unique project).

Year 8 – Community Project. This program allows our year 8’s to make a difference in someone’s community, this could be disabled, elderly, homeless and the list goes on.

Year 9 – Social Enterprise CAFÉ – This project allows the year 9’s to support a cause of their choice, whilst designing and running a CAFÉ at Preshil to fund their cause.

Year 10 – Personal Project/What it means to Volunteer. The year 10s are charged with creating a personal project that has a community aspect to it. They’re also taught about various volunteering opportunities within the community, preparing them for Creativity, Activity, Service (CAS), a fundamental part of the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme.