Our Commitment

We aim to create a child safe and child friendly environment where children always feel safe. Preshil is committed to the principles of cultural safety and inclusion of children from diverse backgrounds and to the safety and inclusion of children with disability, and we recognise that these principles support the safety of all children.

Who is Responsible?

All members of the Preshil community including students, staff, council members, contractors, parents, guardians, and volunteers share responsibility for providing an environment which supports the safety and wellbeing of Preshil students and are required to uphold the School’s commitment to child safety. 

Child Safety Officers

Preshil has appointed Child Safety Officers who have specific responsibility for responding to any complaints made by staff, volunteers, parents or children. If a person does not feel comfortable making a report to a Child Safety Officer they may report their concern to the Chair of the School Board. 

Our Child Safety Officers

Karoline Kuti, Head of Campus BK, Ph:

Cressida Batterham Wilson, Head of Campus ARL, Ph:

Stewart Thorn, Director of Kindergarten, Ph:

Julia Strentz, Inclusive Education Coordinator – Ph:

Karoline Kuti

Head of Campus BK

Phone (03)