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END OF TERM SNAPSHOT: Year 11 and 12

Year 11 and 12 students have had a busy and exciting start to the year.

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The term kicked off with a taste of new DP classes, which students eagerly embraced. Following this, they headed straight to a week-long camp, which allowed them to make new friends, learn new skills, and have fun.

After returning from camp, the students hit the ground running and showed enthusiasm for learning. Homeroom time for DP students is dedicated to study time, and many students used this time to work together on tasks or catch up on notes and revisions. The students were introduced to CAS (Creativity, Activity, Service), and the Year 11s have already made great progress with various activities. A range of activities were logged from camp, including rock climbing, curling, bike riding around Melbourne, walking tours, and even a morning running club. The students have started planning their service actions and CAS projects, with some students already taking action. Year 11 students have been fundraising, volunteering time with Arlington, and engaging internationally.

In addition to engaging with CAS, the students have been focusing on developing skills and habits that will equip them for the DP and future success. They have been learning about study skills, and self-organizational strategies, and reflecting on what they want out of DP and how to achieve their goals.

Overall, the students have had a fantastic first term, and after a restful break over the Term 1 holiday, the sky’s the limit! With a strong foundation laid in Term 1, our students are set to achieve great things in the coming terms.

David Coulter
Year 11 Level Coordinator

Christopher McDuff
Year 12 Level Coordinator

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