Term 1 of 2023 has been an exciting time for Year 7 students, where they have been involved in a range of educational activities aimed at broadening their perspectives and enhancing their learning experiences.

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In this article, we reflect on some of the great things that these students have been doing during this term!

Excursion to the Space Centre
One of the highlights of Term 1 was the excursion to the Space Centre, where students participated in two half-day programs. During the first program, students learned about our position in the Milky Way and the dynamic nature of the universe, which is estimated to be 13.5 billion years old. Through this experience, students gained a deeper understanding of astronomy and the universe.

In the second program, titled ‘Tickle My Droid’, students were introduced to computational thinking using Tickle and Sphero/BBB robots. Students worked in groups, analysing problems, designing solutions, and evaluating their success. They deployed their robot on a path they planned for a survey mission on Mars, developing their programming and problem-solving skills.

Excursion to Bunjilaka
In Week 7, Year 7 students embarked on a trip via tram to the Melbourne Museum to experience the Bunjilaka Exhibition. This excursion allowed students to connect the international Origin Stories they had been learning about to Local Indigenous Creation Stories. The Bunjilaka Exhibition taught them about the interplay between culture, history, and community, providing an opportunity to learn more about Indigenous Australian culture.

In Homeroom, Year 7s have had the opportunity to learn about a range of topics. These topics include values, classroom agreements, the IB Learner Profile, differences and discrimination, and a growth mindset. Once a week, Homeroom takes the form of a Yarning Circle, allowing each student to share their thoughts and feelings about these topics. Yarning Circles are an Indigenous Australian cultural practice that has been used for thousands of years as a way of sharing stories, knowledge, and experiences. Through Homeroom, students have learned about essential life skills and values, including empathy, compassion, and respect.

The activities undertaken by Year 7 students at Preshil during Term 1 2023 have been aimed at enhancing their learning experiences, broadening their perspectives, and helping them develop essential life skills. These activities have provided opportunities for students to learn about the universe, Indigenous Australian culture, and essential life skills, setting a strong foundation for their future learning and personal growth.

Kat Girbau
Year 7 Level Coordinator

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