Year 9 has been enjoying a busy and productive year so far! Read more about some of the highlights that have taken place in Term 1 from the Year Level Coordinator.

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The new timing of Homeroom later in the school day, late morning, has been a welcome change for Year 9 students. By taking place midway through the day, the Homeroom period has provided a buffer between classes, allowing students to recharge before continuing with their studies.

In addition to providing a calming atmosphere, the homeroom period has also been used effectively for important discussions about cultural, gender, and social identity. These discussions have allowed students to share their experiences and perspectives, fostering a sense of community and understanding within the Year 9 cohort.

The benefits of these discussions extend beyond just the social and emotional development of the students. By learning about different cultures, identities, and experiences, students are developing important skills for effectively working together as a team.

By recognising and valuing diversity, students are able to build stronger connections with each other, improving communication and collaboration within the classroom and beyond. This is essential for success in both academic and professional environments, as it allows individuals to work effectively with people from a range of backgrounds and perspectives.

Students have particularly enjoyed the emphasis on organisation, and time to get ready for work each week. We discussed our values as a group, and have chosen the following as our value statement: “In Year 9, our values of empathy and teamwork allow us to work hard, have fun and be creative, all the while staying loyal and true to ourselves, our year group and our school.” We found this discussion of values to be an interesting Homeroom activity, mainly because of the initiative and the fun everyone could have with it.

Year 9 has also got to enjoy an Interdisciplinary Unit, between Languages and Media, where students had the opportunity to plan their own itinerary around the CBD, to create an informative and in-language video welcoming French or Japanese students to Melbourne. This excursion was thoroughly enjoyed by all the students and demonstrated a lot of excellent student learning and talent.

Next term, more excursions with opportunities for First Nations learning are ahead, as Year 9 gears up to their important trip to Central Australia in June.

Well done, Team Year 9!

Rob Grundy
Year 9 Level Coordinator

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