Epilepsy Awareness Week at Preshil

Preshil students Kiran, Archie, Khai Xuan, Neve, Sammy and Rosie the Puppet have been busy busting myths and raising awareness about epilepsy this week!

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The students involved share a reflection on this experience and their activities:

This week at Preshil across two campuses, we have been raising awareness and funds for Epilepsy and the Epilepsy Foundation, who are researching into; the causes of epilepsy and how best to manage the challenges it presents to 1 in 200 people who live with this condition.

A committee of interested students from the secondary school came together to discuss the best ways to raise funds and awareness for epilepsy, with two of the committee having insider knowledge of epilepsy, since experiencing this neurological condition in childhood. These ‘experts’ confidently shared their insights with students at the Junior and Senior Campuses, putting a real face to this challenge and a greater understanding of epilepsy as a condition needing our attention and support.

After launching the sale of merchandise at our Family Picnic, the team ran activities including A Bake Sale, Guess the Lolly Jar, Purple Parade at both campuses, Trivia Quiz, Temporary tattoos and provided information to the community through puppet presentations and poster statements.

It was fun doing the temporary tattoos at the Primary Campus and selling the merchandise at the Family Picnic. There has been real excitement and interest in this topic. Next week we will be adding up how much money we have raised and presenting it to the Foundation in our Whole School Meeting on Friday!

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