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Exploring Melbourne in a New Way

Year 9 Preshil students create multilingual videos in an exciting Interdisciplinary Unit.

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Our intrepid Year 9 students have recently had the opportunity to take part in an exciting interdisciplinary unit between Languages and Media. This unique unit allowed students to combine their language skills with their creativity and explore the city in a new way.

The aim of the unit was for students to create an informative and in-language video welcoming French or Japanese students to Melbourne. To do this, students had to plan their own itinerary around the CBD, choosing the locations they thought would be most interesting for their target audience.

This task was not only a great opportunity for students to practice their language skills, but also their research and planning abilities. They had to consider which locations would be most relevant and engaging, as well as think about the logistics of filming and editing their videos.

The interdisciplinary nature of the unit meant that students were able to draw on the knowledge and skills they had acquired in both Languages and Media classes. They were able to incorporate language learning with their understanding of media production techniques, making for a well-rounded and engaging learning experience.

The final videos produced by the students will be a testament to the hard work and talent they have demonstrated throughout the unit. They were informative, creative, and demonstrated a great level of understanding of both the language and the city of Melbourne.

The Interdisciplinary Unit between Languages and Media was a great success, providing students with a unique opportunity to combine their language skills with their creativity and explore the city in a new way. It demonstrated the value of interdisciplinary learning, showing that when different subjects are combined, students are able to draw on a wider range of skills and knowledge to produce truly exceptional workI

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