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Felix takes Logo Design to a New Level with Mathematics

As a student in the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IB DP) Mathematics Analysis & Approaches subject, Felix has brought a new mathematical perspective to logo design.

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By using mathematical functions to create specific lines and integrating shading through vector graphics, Felix has designed an extraordinary logo that can be used on websites, animations, and various media.

Unlike other graphic formats such as PNG and JPEG, Felix’s logo uses the scalable vector graphic (SVG) format. The main advantage of SVG is that it maintains its high resolution and sharpness at any zoom level, resulting in a perfect image without any pixelation or rough edges. This is especially beneficial for logos as they need to be clear and consistent across different sizes and platforms.

To create his logo, Felix applied his mathematical skills to draw precise shapes and lines using functions. He also used integrals to calculate the areas where shading should be applied, resulting in a stunning image that highlights his analytical thinking and design skills. With this innovative approach, Felix has taken logo design to a new level and showcased the creative applications of mathematics.

Felix’s logo is a testament to the versatility and power of mathematics. It shows that math can be applied in various fields, including art and design. By incorporating mathematical functions and techniques, Felix has created a unique and beautiful logo that stands out from traditional designs. He has proven that mathematical thinking can be an asset in the design world and has opened up new possibilities for logo designers.

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