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Learn some of the latest news at Preshil from our Principal, Josh Brody.

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Dear Preshil Families,

We are now a few weeks into Term 2 and well into Waring (Wombat) season, running from April to July. This is the time of year characterised by cool, rainy days following misty mornings, with the highest rainfall and lowest temperatures. It is also the season when Waring (wombats) emerge to bask and graze in the sunshine.

I have not seen a Wombat in the wild, but I will be on the lookout during evening hikes. If you see one, WomSAT is a new resource for communities to record sightings of wombats across the country. Australia’s unique wombats are in crisis; their numbers are declining and you can help protect them by recording where you see wombats and their burrows in your local area! Click here to learn more and get involved.

Speaking of Australian animals, a few days ago I had the opportunity to accompany the Diploma Program Environmental Systems and Societies class on an excursion to the Mt. Rothwell biodiversity reserve. We saw an amazing variety of indigenous species including the once-thought-extinct Eastern Barred Bandicoot and critically endangered Southern Brush-tailed Rock Wallaby. Please click this link to see some images and reflections from some of the students and their teacher.

I am pleased to announce that thanks to the efforts of our Sustainable Campus Committee we are now a zero-food and zero-garden waste-to-landfill school. In addition, since August 2022 the implementation of the new bin systems has already resulted in a landfill waste reduction of at least 50% across both our campuses. Read more (click to open) about their important work!

Please keep an eye out for Arlington’s new ‘Swap and Share’ trolley – a little spot for the school community to share and redistribute surplus things that need a new home, which may otherwise go to waste. At the moment, there are home-grown lemons, succulents, stationery and craft bags; feel free to take and add when you have time. The main guideline is that it needs to fit on the trolley and be of use to others. You’ll find its permanent home in the kindergarten but you may find it on tour throughout the school, too. The Sustainability Committee hopes it’s a bit of fun for everyone – enjoy redistributing and discovering!

Our Lighthouse students celebrated Compost Week by immersing themselves in the wonders of their garden! This special occasion allowed our young learners to engage in hands-on activities that not only fostered their love for nature but also taught them about the importance of composting. Throughout the week, our students actively participated in the composting process, collecting organic waste and adding it to their compost bins. We commend their efforts and look forward to more eco-friendly adventures in our garden!

During the first week of Term 2, the Sunroom children headed off to Camp Eumeralla at Anglesea. It was a great adventure from start to finish, and the children had some wonderful experiences. On their first afternoon, the children learnt how to canoe and had the opportunity to explore the Anglesea River. The next day saw them getting their feet wet as they explored the rockpools at Airey’s Inlet, before a hike up the hill to Split Point lighthouse. The views were amazing, especially from the top of the lighthouse! They had some downtime at the campsite that afternoon, and the children challenged themselves with a ropes course and also assisted with peeling pears for a delicious dessert. On their way home we searched for fossils at Point Addis Marine Park, and were amazed at how many were found. Sunroom teacher, Cherry Montgomery, reports that it was a brilliant couple of days and the Sunroom children can be congratulated for their adventurous spirits and great attitudes towards many new challenges.

At Arlington, students have formed committees during Whole School Meetings to address their unique interests and concerns. One such committee is focused on animals, and they recently gathered to discuss the potential factors involved in bringing more animals onto campus.

Throughout this term, the children from the Kindergarten together with Primary students in the Outside School Hours Care program have taken increasing responsibility for the preparation of their afternoon tea. Upon arrival, they decide on a mixed group of children to plan and prepare the afternoon tea for the other children. The children take ownership of the whole task from cleaning tables, plates and bowls to cutting and arranging the food. They then set the table and invite their peers to join them.

Together we practise showing appreciation for the efforts of the children who have worked hard to provide our afternoon tea. It has become a highlight of the afternoon to enjoy our time together over food. 

Some Secondary School students joined their peers from Bialik for a poignant Holocaust remembrance ceremony during the school holidays. Thank you for representing Preshil.

We’ve partnered with Wanyara to participate in the traditional Aboriginal game, Buroinjin, with a range of other schools and organisations. We’ve put a team together and are joining our celebration of First Nations culture and perspectives in the lead-up to Reconciliation Week. Eleven students from Preshil are participating! 

Buroinjin was a ball game played by the Kabi Kabi people of south Queensland. The game was played with a ball made of kangaroo skin, which was called a buroinjin. The ball, which was smaller than a soccer ball, was sewn with tendons and stuffed with grass. Teams from different groups played against each other. The game was often played until sunset. Spectators used to mark their applause by calling out ‘Ei, ei’. Well done to all involved!

We continue to encourage cross-age activities at Preshil. Recently, our Year 12 students enjoyed visiting the Kindergarten as part of their studies on childhood development.

On Monday 24 April 2023, our Preshil staff had the valuable opportunity to engage with elders from the Yorta Yorta and Wurundjeri communities. Many staff members went to Echuca to speak with members of the Yorta Yorta community, while some remained in Kew to learn more about Wurundjeri perspectives.

Read more (click to open) about the Yorta Yorta experience.

Read more (click to open) about the Wurundjeri Experience.

In addition to the crucial role parents play in more directly partnering with the School to support students’ learning, we also want to create space for parents to become involved in the life of the school more broadly. We offer a variety of opportunities to get involved throughout the year, including joining committees, becoming a parent representative, volunteering roles and community events, that provide valuable avenues for parents to connect with the School and with each other.

We invite all parents to get involved! Whether it’s through volunteering in the classroom or attending a school-wide event, your participation and support are greatly appreciated! We look forward to working together to nurture an engaged and supportive school community at Preshil.

From the Library Committee…
Our Library Committee helps nurture our culture of reading and service at Preshil. Members are always looking for ways to entice new readers and engage with all members of our Preshil community, to share in the benefits of reading for pleasure and for learning.

Our next meeting will be taking place on Thursday 8 June 2023 at 1.10pm at the Arlington Campus Library (with an online option). Should you be interested in joining our Sustainable Campus Committee, please contact our Communications and Marketing Manager (

From the Parent Education Committee…
We are a small (but mighty!) group of Preshil parents and educators who are always looking for new members and opportunities to support our community with events and activities that benefit us all. From Book Clubs to Life After Preshil, the Parent Education Committee is a group of dedicated parents or guardians who are not only committed to the education of their own children but also to the shared development of all parents, promoting a sense of community and collaboration through various educational initiatives and activities.

Our next meeting will be taking place on Wednesday 17 June 2023 at 5.00pm at the Blackhall Kalimna Campus Library. Should you be interested in joining our Sustainable Campus Committee, please contact our Communications and Marketing Manager (

Our Parent Education Committee is excited to announce the next Preshil Book Club!

We are excited to announce our next book for the Preshil Book Club ‘Good Inside’ by Dr Becky Kennedy; a practical guide to becoming the parent you want to be. Click here to learn more about this book.

Our Parent Education Committee is thrilled to host the next book club meeting on Thursday 15 June 2023 at 9.00am in the Blackhall Kalimna Library. This is a fantastic opportunity to connect with other parents and engage in meaningful discussions about the joys and challenges of parenting.

We believe that continuous learning and sharing of knowledge are essential to supporting our children’s development and wellbeing. By joining our book club, you will gain valuable insights and perspectives that will help you navigate the triumphs and tribulations of parenting.

We encourage all parents, guardians, and members of the community to join us for this engaging event!

From the Sustainable Campus Committee…
A core value for Preshil is building an environmentally sustainable and responsible environment for our students, to work towards a better world. The committee believes that sustainability education has to be about instilling a life-long conceptualisation of sustainability that moves way beyond the three Rs, and the ‘carrot and stick’ approach that many other organisations adopt. It has to be about a shared love for humanity and link deeply with Reconciliation to contribute to a cultural paradigm shift.

Our next meeting will be taking place on Wednesday 7 June 2023 at 9.30am at the Arlington Campus. Should you be interested in joining our Sustainable Campus Committee, please contact our Communications and Marketing Manager (

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Best wishes for lots of Term 2 learning and enjoyment,

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