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Game On! After-School Sports Is a Slam Dunk for Fun and Fitness

Preshil’s After School Sport program continues to grow in 2023!

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Taking place on Wednesday and Thursday afternoons, in Term 1 we explored a different sport each week. Each session starts with a warm up and skill development, before culminating in a game at the end. We are so lucky to have some of our Peppercorns join us, and it’s an amazing opportunity for students from multiple year levels to come together. It has been fantastic to see our students being active, having fun and showing teamwork and fair play. Term 1’s sports included Soccer, European Handball, Volleyball and Ultimate Frisbee. 

Term 2 will be running from Weeks 2 – 7. The first two weeks explored Buroinjin, an Indigenous game played by the Kabi Kabi people of South Queensland. This was to support our school entering a team in the Wanyara Buroinjin Cup! We will also do two weeks of Volleyball and two weeks of Ultimate Frisbee. These are always popular sports, and allow for a high level of inclusiveness and engagement. We hope to see as many students down at the CAGE as we can!

Our MYP PHE classes have been full of activity and fun. Our Year 7s have been exploring interpersonal skills through Global Games, culminating in teaching each other games from other cultures. We definitely have some future teachers/coaches on our hands! They have also been looking at positive online relationships and how they can navigate social media safely. Our Year 8s have been enjoying their Striking and Fielding Unit, heading off campus to play Softball and transferring these skills to Cricket. In their Nutrition Unit, they are learning how to make their favourite meals in a way that can nourish their body and the importance of a balanced diet. Our Year 9s are learning how to apply sportsperson-ship to Ultimate Frisbee and how they can party safely using the Harm Minimisation model. Finally, our Year 10s are experiencing an introduction to Exercise Science in the DP, studying exercise systems and how this can impact our physical activity.

Hayley and Kris wanted to acknowledge how hard everyone has been working in PHE this term, there has been amazing engagement and positive attitudes in class, and we hope this continues for the rest of the year!

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