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Going Green at Preshil

Preshil is proud to announce the implementation of an environmentally conscious cleaning program!

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This program further supports Preshil to identify opportunities to improve the environmental health and quality of life for Blackhall Kalimna and Arlington Campuses and our community. Hunter Industrials have been working collaboratively with Property Management to operationalise the program called Huntergreen.

The Huntergreen Program has empowered Preshil to make informed choices about the cleaning products, paper and accessories used on both sites. The program’s holistic sustainability focus means a considered approach to environmental, social and economic factors impacting the well-being of all individuals: 

Workplace Safety
Preshil has taken ownership of cleaning management on site by setting up a ‘Labour Only’ contract. This means our cleaning contractors only provide labour and Hunter Industrials work with us to achieve OH&S compliance whilst managing overall governance of our cleaning management system in a sustainable way. 

Product Selection
Cleaning products in the Huntergreen range are independently certified by GECA (Good Environmental Choice Australia), who has set the standards for global best practices in ecolabelling. This means GECA-certified cleaning products must limit substances harmful to aquatic environments, have increased biodegradability, support sustainably sourced palm oil and palm kernel oil, have restrictions on fragrances and enzymes, make no unsubstantiated claims (greenwashing) and contain no phosphorus. 

Waste Reduction
Preshil supports a less wasteful Australia by using products and processes within Huntergreen that aim to reduce consumption and decrease waste. Containers that store cleaning products are reused and recycled and recyclable product options also extend to heavy-duty bags that are made from 100% recycled plastic. The Huntergreen range also includes degradable garbage bags that contain oxo-biodegradable technology to allow the bags to easily break down when exposed to natural elements. Hunter Industrials also focus on product life extension as another methodology to increase a product’s functional life and help minimise waste in landfill. 

Emissions Reduction
We are working with Hunter Industrials to operate an efficient transport management system to reduce the frequency of deliveries to our site and in turn, reduce our carbon emissions. Hunter Industrials is also involved in offset projects & the establishment of native trees in the Yarra biodiversity corridor, certified by CarbonNeutral.

Over 65% of Tork’s paper/tissue products are produced in Kawerau, New Zealand using between 63 – 76% renewable energy. The geothermal steam used in production at Kawerau has reduced carbon emissions by 46% since its inception.

Ethical Sourcing
Preshil is committed to maintaining strong relationships with providers who source products in a responsible and sustainable way. Hunter Industrials as manufacturers, along with their partners, provide workers with fair pay, equal opportunity and safe working environments. The Forest Stewardship Council’s (FSC) certification of our paper/tissue products not only ensures products are handled & sourced appropriately at every stage of production (from forest to shelf), it ensures respect for human rights within forestry including labour rights and reasonable living wages at all levels. About 75% of the paper/tissue products we use are locally manufactured in Australia or New Zealand – both countries being low risk for modern slavery. 

Working collaboratively with Hunter Industrials, we are proud to make a meaningful impact on sustainability objectives through the Huntergreen Program. 

Programs like these demonstrate to our student leaders of tomorrow how to embrace a more sustainable future and be decision making leaders in global issues that impact all individuals. 

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