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Google Classroom Workshop

Thank you to all families that attended our recent Google Classroom Workshop in October!

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Preshil values ongoing student feedback and is constantly looking for ways to strengthen the dialogue between home and school and we recently, we introduced Google Classroom Email Summaries at our Blackhall Kalimna Campus!

What are Google Classroom Email Summaries?
This is a subscription-based email summary initiative that will be applicable for students in Years 7 to 10. As our students are working within Google Classrooms, these emails will contain summary sections on the following areas for your convenience:

  • Missing Work: student work not turned in when the summary was sent.
  • Upcoming Work: student work that’s due in the upcoming week (for weekly emails).
  • Class Activities: announcements, assignments, resources and information recently posted by teachers.

How do I sign up for these summaries?
This is an automatic process! Once your enrolment has been confirmed and you are ready to commence in the MYP (Years 7 to 10), then you will receive an email invitation to our weekly Google Classroom Email Summaries. We ask that you please accept this invitation upon receipt. Upon accepting the initial invitation, after which you will begin to receive automatic, weekly email summaries from the following week onwards.

How can I get more feedback?
Beyond the weekly summaries, you may wish to read more detailed teacher feedback by logging in directly to Google Classroom. We will be sending out login information that will allow you to access your child’s Google Classrooms as your child does. Direct access will afford you the opportunity to view tasks, work submitted and the teachers’ feedback. And of course, please don’t hesitate to reach out to teachers and/or year level coordinators directly if there is anything more specific you wish to know.

We look forward to a continued, happy partnership with all families as we introduce this exciting new initiative.

For further details and instructional videos please click here (click to open):

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