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In Term 1 2023, Secondary students have been unlocking their potential in the Electives program!

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The electives program at Preshil is an ever-changing selection of activities that should enable students to make choices about their learning, explore a diversity of experiences through engaging with different tasks, while developing a positive attitude to learning new things. Maybe even discovering a new passion! As always, and back by popular demand, we have some old favourites like Soccer, Japanese, Archery and Skateboarding.

During the wet weather our Skateboarders keep busy working on their ‘design a skateboard’ project. The rain doesn’t stop the students getting down to business learning about Skateboard design through the guidance of our
resident Skateboarder and Music Teacher Ben Paddick and the team from Curbside Skate.

Portrait Photography
We also have some new and different opportunities on offer! This term we welcomed guest Artist Summaneh Pourshafighi. Summaneh is a transdisciplinary, queer, Persian artist and has guided the students of her elective to develop practical skills in costume and mask making, artwork conceptualisation while addressing theoretical concepts of trans-humanism, post-internet identities, queer histories, gender studies, and the significance of communities and family. Using a selection of props, art materials, make-up, and wigs, the elective will culminate in the production of their own series of photographic portraits.

Environmental Art
Our very own multi-disciplinary Artist and Education Support Teacher Anastasia La Fey is sharing her extensive experience and passion for art and its connection to the environment and the natural form. Students who engaged with this elective have learnt about material processes using natural materials and textiles so as to make connections to the natural world and learn how art and design can be used to express thought and action about the environment, climate and conservation. Anastasia is also working with our primary children to create works of art from materials provided by nature.

Jessica Wu teaches Science across the secondary school however this term she is sharing her passion for Art guiding students to explore all the wonderful techniques that you can use with watercolour painting. Jessica combines these lessons with teaching the practice of mindfulness through activities including breathing exercises and reflective meditation to create a peaceful environment.

Experimental Sound Design
Our resident Film and Media teacher Matt Barker has shared his passion for Music through an experimental sound design elective that incorporated learning about ‘weird’ and different electronic instruments and synthesisers to produce atmospheric soundscapes and otherworldly sonic noise.

Self Defence 
This group of students embarked on a series of lessons, with expert master Howard Kimber, about how to de-escalate threatening situations; recognising and controlling our natural responses to danger. This included assaults with weapons and multiple attackers whilst also learning about legal rulings around self-defence and how to best recover.

Free Code Club
This year we are lucky to have Andrew Belegrinos who teaches Computer Science in the Diploma Program join our electives program. Andrew has led this group of students to learn all about the world of programming through the fundamental concepts of Java Scripts, HTML, CSS and Data structures incorporating programs like Replit to code a ‘Choose your own adventure game’ that can be shared with other students and the community.

Other students chose to join our Teacher Librarian Caitlin Bruns for Book Club for an afternoon of reading, unboxing, sorting and making suggestions for new resources to add to the Library.

We are looking forward to next term’s lineup of interesting activities! Special thanks to our Electives Coordinator and Careers Extraordinaire, Bronte Howell, for making the many activities possible for our students!

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