IN THE SPOTLIGHT: Individuals and Societies

What a term! We are excited to update you on what our Year 10 Individuals and Societies class has been busy learning this term.

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Our unit was titled ‘The Rise of Fascism’ and we explored the conditions that enable extremist regimes to thrive.

Students engaged in various activities and projects, including examining the Treaty of Versailles and its broader impact, studying the timeline and events of World War II, and investigating the treatment of Jewish people during the Holocaust. Through these activities, students developed their source analysis and research skills, which are essential for success in the Humanities subjects for the Diploma Program next year.

We emphasized the importance of thinking to understand, not just thinking to respond, and aimed to bring critical thinking and evaluation to the forefront for our students.

As part of our unit, we visited the Melbourne Jewish Holocaust Museum, viewed the film ‘Nicky’s Family,’ and had a Q&A with a Holocaust survivor. These experiences provided valuable insights and firsthand accounts that enhanced our students’ understanding of the topic.

Looking ahead, our focus will shift to Power and Ideology in the upcoming term. We are excited to continue exploring complex issues and building valuable skills that will support our students’ future academic and personal growth.

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