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Introducing Folio Collaborative, an Australian first!

As the world of education continues to evolve, it's crucial for teachers and staff to stay up-to-date on the latest research, techniques, and practices in the field. That's where Folio Collaborative comes in.

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Folio Collaborative is a professional growth platform designed specifically for educators. It provides a space for teachers and staff to reflect on their own practice, collaborate with colleagues, and access resources and support to improve their teaching and learning outcomes.

At Preshil, we’re excited to be the first Australian school to introduce Folio Collaborative to our professional learning repertoire, supporting our professional development and growth programs. This platform will help us to connect with colleagues across the school, share ideas and insights, and receive feedback on our work.

One of the key features of Folio Collaborative is the ability to create a personal learning plan. This plan is unique to each educator and outlines their goals, areas of focus, and action steps for growth. It’s a powerful tool for self-reflection and improvement and can be shared with colleagues and supervisors for feedback and support.

In addition to the personal learning plan, Folio Collaborative offers a range of resources and tools to support professional growth. These include curated content libraries, discussion forums, and a mentorship program. The platform also offers opportunities for collaboration and networking with educators from other schools and districts.

At Preshil, we believe that ongoing professional development is critical to providing the best possible education for our students. Folio Collaborative is an exciting new tool that will help us to achieve this goal. We’re looking forward to using this platform to deepen our learning, build strong connections with colleagues, and improve our practice.

As an educational institution, we are committed to providing our students with a holistic education that prepares them for success in all areas of their lives. To achieve this, we have identified three key school-wide themes that we are focusing on: embedding ATLs into the curriculum and practice, reconciliation and action, and service learning across the continuum.

The first theme, embedding ATLs into the curriculum and practice, is all about teaching our students the skills they need to be successful learners. ATLs, or Approaches to Learning, are the foundational skills that underpin all learning. These include skills such as critical thinking, communication, research, self-management, and social skills. By explicitly teaching and reinforcing these skills throughout the curriculum, we are helping our students to become more effective and independent learners.

The second theme, reconciliation and action, is focused on our commitment to reconciliation with Indigenous peoples and taking meaningful action towards reconciliation. We acknowledge the past injustices and the ongoing impact of colonisation on Indigenous communities. We are committed to learning about Indigenous cultures, languages, and histories and integrating Indigenous perspectives and knowledge into our curriculum. We are also working to build authentic relationships with Indigenous communities and organisations and to take action towards reconciliation.

The third theme, service learning across the continuum, is about providing our students with opportunities to learn through service to others. Service learning is an experiential and integrated approach to education that combines community service with academic learning objectives. By engaging in service learning projects, our students are developing empathy, compassion, and social responsibility while also applying their learning in real-world contexts. We believe that service learning is an important part of our mission to prepare our students to be active and engaged citizens in their communities.

You can learn more about Folio Collaborative and their mission:

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