Introducing ResourceSmart to Preshil

Our Sustainable Campus Committee is pleased to share that Preshil has recently joined up to be a ResourceSmart School!

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Our Sustainable Campus Committee is pleased to share that Preshil has recently joined up to be a ResourceSmart School!

The ResourceSmart Schools (RSS) program is a free initiative offered by Sustainability Victoria that supports Victorian schools to embed sustainability across school facilities, community and curriculum while saving resources and money for the School. The ultimate aim of RSS is to give our students a voice and the skills to become advocates for the environment. 

We recently sat down with Jess Panazzolo, the ResourceSmart Schools Facilitator from the Eastern Alliance for Sustainable Learning to discuss Preshil’s involvement in their exciting sustainability initiatives. Part of this conversation was about creating a School Environmental Management Plan which will outline Preshil’s broad strategic direction within the space of sustainability. This will be developed through consultation across the School and potentially captured in this four-year plan.

There are 5 modules: Waste, Water, Biodiversity, Energy and Core. Preshil has already started the Core and the Waste Module. The Core module consists of policy writing and action plans. The Waste module will see the implementation of systematic waste streams, a new composting system and ultimately reducing landfill by 85% or more. 

Since 2008, more than 1,400 schools have participated in the program. Together, they have:

  • saved more than $41 million on bills
  • planted 5,271,038 trees
  • saved more than 118,000 tonnes CO2e greenhouse gas emissions
  • diverted 194,000 cubic metres of waste from landfill
  • saved 1,884,783 kilolitres of water.

Find Out More: Discover the positive impact that, on behalf of the Victorian Government, Sustainability Victoria has delivered through their programs and campaigns by clicking here (click to open).

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