Making Change and Taking Action in the BK Library

Improvements to the Preshil campus are required to improve both the amenity of spaces and to maintain and preserve existing buildings, and our students are leading the charge!

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The Preshil BK Library has been flagged as an important space, as the exterior requires repainting in order to preserve the structure.

The Design department thought that this would be a fantastic opportunity to bring the students into the design journey. We held a design workshop with 18 Preshil students and they had the opportunity to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the Library space, brainstorm ideas for improvement and present some initial drafts.

This served as a great form of an extension for some of our most passionate designers. Students were also treated to a trip to the Hawthorn Town Hall Gallery to get inspiration.

There will be a few more workshops before the designs are finalised, but we look forward to sharing them with the community soon. In the meantime, please enjoy a few snaps from the day.

Special thanks to Felicity Bernstein, Preshil’s Building and Environment Committee Chair) is helping to develop an overall strategy to improve spaces around the Preshil Campus.

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