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Making Waves

Arlington students, Leon, Mia and Piper, have been making waves at Preshil! Not just social and behavioural waves (in the way that we consider our waste) but also literal waves of soft plastic!

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As part of our learning around waste streams and sustainable practices at Arlington, we collected all of the soft plastic rubbish that our campus produced over the last two weeks.

Knowing that plastic waste can end up in our rivers and oceans, we used our creek bed in the Pines to show how much plastic we have collected and saved from landfill and our waterways. 

While Coles and Woolworths are no longer taking soft plastics, with the closure of Red Cycle, Preshil will continue to collect soft plastics and send it all directly to a recycling depot. It gives pause for thought regarding how we might continue to buy and consume responsibly. 

It would be lovely to think that one day soon our creek bed in the Pines might not have any soft plastics to show from our collecting.


Arlington students Mia and Piper prepared a short video documenting this process:

Special thanks to Arlington students Leon, Mia and Piper for their advocacy in this area! Another special thank you to our Sustainable Campus Committee Chair, Amelia Trompf, for supporting these endeavours.

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