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Meet Preshil Alumni, Allegra Holmes A Court (Class of 2020)

Thank you to Allegra for sitting down with us recently and sharing a reflection with us about her experience after Preshil.

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I completed all my education at Preshil, from the 3s and 4s (kindergarten) until I graduated in 2020. I always enjoyed the encouragement of independent learning and the unique student-teacher friendship right up until my final exams, and thank Preshil for my continued curiosity and love for learning. I believe this approach to learning encourages a life-long sense of curiosity that is extremely valuable beyond educational settings. The love of learning and life-long curiosity doesn’t just happen by accident. It comes from the hard work and continued support of dedicated teachers, who, thanks to small class sizes, actually know you and your learning needs. Being supported to pursue my interests such as high-level French when it wasn’t being offered encouraged me to push myself, knowing that I had the support of teachers I’d known for years.

Since graduation, I’ve become more and more aware of how incredible it is to have this unique environment at a school. I now have more than 500 people studying the same degree as me, and am reminded of how special it was to feel so supported to learn and be curious. While at times I craved being spoon-fed exam resources, I feel that the skills and self-motivation I’ve gained instead, are far more valuable. I’m now finishing my second year at the Australian National University in Canberra, studying a double degree of law/arts, majoring in linguistics and minoring in philosophy. I’m loving university and have involved myself in numerous committees, running arts events for ANU students.

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