Oh, the HORROR! Year 7 Excursion

As part of their HORROR term, the Year 7 students took to the streets of Melbourne on Friday 28 October 2022 to explore the haunted buildings and hidden stories that lie within our city!

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We joined Ghosts of Melbourne: Haunted Citya self-guided ghost hunt through the Melbourne CBD. It has all the bones of a classic ghost tour, but with a twist. Think riddles to solve and treasure to hunt. Melbourne has plenty of secrets and it’s safe to say you won’t look at your much-trodden streets the same way after this one.

The students were put into teams to complete an app-driven tour – they had to crack clues, and unlock stories to find the next destination, ultimately to be crowned the Ghost Hunter of Preshil. This tour complements their Language and Literature units of inquiry, where they are studying HORROR to ultimately create their own HORROR story.

Horror dominated the inquiry into Language and Literature in Term 4 for our Year 7 students. As inspiration into this inquiry an excursion with a difference was planned. For our excursion, we took to the streets of Melbourne to learn all about our ”Haunted City”. We started at Flinders Street Station, the scenario was “a few days ago, our black cat Grimalkin came from her night stroll saying she saw our dead niece Esmeralda in a cafe in the city… Why was Esmeralda killed? Who did it and what went on in the Haunted streets of Melbourne?
With the help of an app, we weaved our way through the major buildings and alleyways of Melbourne, learning about what happened in the various centuries and who still haunts the city today. Each question unlocked a clue that led us closer to Esmeralda and her murderer. There were 13 clues all up. 
Students returned to school to inquire further into the genre of horror, analysing the original 1964 Addams Family show and writing a horror narrative. Whilst studying the format for a horror narrative, we looked at all the different horror genres that supported ideas for horror stories. The stories that this inquiry has yielded have been wonderful and full of horror! 

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