On behalf of the Preshil School Council and the Preshil Foundation, thank you for your ongoing and generous support.
Your gift to the Building Fund allows us to keep improving our learning environment and to conserve the significant buildings for which we are responsible. Our building fund ensures our students can enjoy truly fit-for-purpose facilities which accommodate an active student voice, performances and exhibitions.

The Preshil Foundation actively encourages philanthropy amongst the School community to help preserve, develop and improve the facilities and wellbeing of the School. Through long-term investments, the Foundation exists to ensure that Preshil remains at the forefront of progressive education in Australia.

Your support for Scholarships and Bursaries allows us to welcome families who add to the diversity of the community and to provide a safety net for current students who experience temporary financial hardship.

You can make your secure donation through Paypal by clicking the Donate button.


Alternatively please make your selection below and complete our Pledge Form.  Our Business Manager, Pam Bruce will be in touch shortly.

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