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PESA Conference

Incoming MYP Coordinator, Jason Shulman, recently attended the 2022 Positive Education Schools Association (PESA) National Wellbeing Conference in Sydney. He sat down with us recently to share his key take-aways.

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The theme of this year’s conference was “re-connect; re-engaging students, re-invigorating staff, re-shaping culture”.

The PESA 2022 National Wellbeing in Education Conference, underpinned by the conceptual framework of Positive Education, was an immense opportunity to reconnect with like minded colleagues, informed by the fundamental pillars of wellbeing and academia in schools; our Students, Staff and the Culture that informs our context. In the spirit of hope, gratitude, goodwill and shared learning, the conference addressed the significant challenges facing educators and the education systems that pervade across Australia, and the importance of embedding a Positive Education mindset throughout a school community.

Highlights of the conference included keynote presentations and workshops facilitated by Barbara L. Fredrickson, Jane Gillham PhD, Dr Justin Coulson, Professor Joseph Ciarrochi, Dr Kristy Goodwin, Dr Lea Waters AM, PhD, Dr Suzy Green, and Rachael Colla.

During the conference, Dr Lea Waters AM PhD, said that “positive education pedagogy creates change within the teacher, across classrooms, and throughout the school. Positive Education Pedagogy reflects the idea that how a teacher educates is not just what is taught”.

Unpacking the data and current developments in theory and research, as well as connecting the evidence and research, to the creation of practical classroom and school-wide strategies to enhance student wellbeing and academic attainment, underpinned the immense learning opportunities that Jason enveloped throughout the conference. He also shared that “it was a privilege to be afforded the opportunity to partake in this truly inspirational conference”.

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