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Picnic Perfection

Our Whole School Term 1 Family Welcome Picnic event had music, food, and fun for all!

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The Term 1 Family Welcome Picnic held at Preshil School was a resounding success, thanks to the enthusiastic participation of everyone involved. The event brought together students, parents, teachers, and staff, providing an excellent opportunity for families to connect and get to know each other better.

The picnic took place on a sunny day in the school grounds, with a picturesque backdrop of trees and gardens. As families arrived, they set up picnic blankets and chairs in the designated area, making themselves comfortable and preparing for an enjoyable afternoon.

One of the highlights of the picnic was the musical performances that took place throughout the event. Talented students from the school’s music program took turns to showcase their skills, entertaining the audience with a wide range of styles and genres. From classical pieces to contemporary pop songs, the musical performances were a delightful addition to the picnic!

Another great aspect of the picnic was that everyone brought their own food, making for a diverse and delicious spread. Some families brought elaborate homemade dishes, while others kept it simple with sandwiches and snacks. There was also a barbeque available for those who wanted to cook up some sausages or burgers.

There were also some student-run stalls, including a group of Secondary Students hoping to raise funds for Epilepsy Awareness Week. They sold merchandise and as a result of these efforts were able to donate more than $1,000 to the Epilepsy Foundation.

The picnic was a great opportunity for families to get to know each other and make new friends. Parents chatted with each other while the children played games and ran around, enjoying the fresh air and sunshine. The event created a warm and welcoming atmosphere, and everyone left feeling connected and happy.

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