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Preshil Students Join the Buroinjin Game

Preshil, in collaboration with Wanyara, has taken a significant step towards embracing First Nations culture by participating in the traditional Aboriginal game, Buroinjin.

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Joining hands with other schools and organisations, Preshil has assembled a team of eleven students who will engage in this unique sporting event. The game not only offers an opportunity to celebrate First Nations culture and perspectives but also acts as a precursor to Reconciliation Week. Let’s delve deeper into the history of Buroinjin…

Buroinjin was a traditional ball game played by the Kabi Kabi people of south Queensland. Central to this game was a ball made of kangaroo skin, known as a buroinjin. Unlike modern sports balls, the buroinjin was smaller than a soccer ball and crafted by sewing together tendons and stuffing it with grass. Teams from different Aboriginal groups would compete against each other, engaging in spirited matches that often lasted until sunset. The game fostered teamwork, agility, and strategic thinking.

By participating in Buroinjin, Preshil and its students demonstrate their commitment to embracing and honouring First Nations culture. This partnership with Wanyara signifies a shared goal of promoting cultural understanding and appreciation. Through active engagement in traditional First Nations practices like Buroinjin, students gain valuable insights into the rich heritage and perspectives of Australia’s First Nations peoples.

The participation of Preshil students in the Buroinjin game serves as a fitting prelude to Reconciliation Week. Reconciliation Week, observed annually from 27 May to 3 June 2023, is a time when all Australians are encouraged to learn about and engage with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures, histories, and achievements. By joining in this celebratory event, Preshil students are fostering unity, respect, and reconciliation between Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities.

Eleven enthusiastic students from Preshil have eagerly stepped forward to participate in the Buroinjin game. These students, representing their school with pride, have devoted their time and effort to understanding and appreciating the significance of this traditional sport. By immersing themselves in the game, they are not only learning valuable lessons about teamwork and collaboration but also building bridges of cultural understanding.

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