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Preshil Weekly – Term 2 Week 10

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Hello Preshil community,

There is no shortage of uniquely Preshil observations to celebrate in this piece. This week, it was a special privilege to be part of the Doo Dah celebrations, watching our Arlington students and the community come together in our end-of-term activities. The importance of being together as a community and connecting with others on our learning journey, both individually and collectively, is what makes our approach to learning so impactful. Within this exchange, we are creating a healthy space for our students to bounce their ideas and expressions off the world around them, within the safe and supportive Preshil community they are a part of.

For our students, without them even realising it, this is an essential piece in their identity formation and subsequent views of self and others. Hence, the preciousness of us setting the climate for such exchanges is paramount, so intentional and thoughtfully curated.

Educational Review Updates
Thanks to the numerous parents who joined us for our Primary and Secondary workshops this week. It has been incredibly helpful and informative to hear the insights and perspectives of our broader community in this way.

Until next time, stay curious and connected.

Warm regards,

Aaron Mackinnon


Year 9 Northern Territory Experience
Our Year 9 students have been on camp in the Northern Territory this week. The students flew up to Alice Springs on Monday 10 June and have since visited the Royal Flying Doctors, Yubu Napa Art Gallery, Standley Chasm, traditionally known as Angkerle Atwatye “the Gap of Water”, and Ormiston Gorge, traditionally known as Kwartatuma, in the McDonnell Ranges. At the visit to the Yubu Napa Art Gallery the Year 9’s met Year 9 student Jaylen’s grandmother, Marie Ryder. She is an accomplished artist and was the local artist who facilitated the workshop. Marie engaged everyone in a wonderful session of dot painting and regaled the students with great stories. Jaylen and his grandmother spoke to one another in their local language of East Arrente. The students have now headed out on country in a remote area 500km outside of Alice Springs and will spend the next few days there. The group will have the opportunity to be completely immersed into an Indigenous community and will learn first-hand how to hunt and cook traditionally, and they will share in the beauty of Aboriginal culture and connection to country. During the cohort’s time on-country, they will support a service project. The project will involve building and maintenance work and establishing a community native food garden.

Arlington Electives
Preshil’s Electives Coordinator, Bronte Howell, spent the day with our Arlington children working on their different electives projects including Claymation, Jewellery Making and Textile Art & Design with Anastasia La Fey. Special thanks to Brett Cardwell for his amazing work supporting our children with their stop motion animation.

Year 11 and 12 Chemistry Field Trip
Our IB Diploma Chemistry students recently engaged in an exciting outreach program at the University of Melbourne’s School of Chemistry. Year 11 students participated in “What’s in Water?”, analysing water samples for contaminants using UV-visible spectroscopy. Year 12 students explored “Organic Analysis,” collecting data from 1H NMR and IR spectroscopy and working with simulated mass spectroscopy and 13C NMR data. These hands-on experiences enhanced their practical skills and deepened their understanding of key chemistry topics, connecting classroom learning to real-world applications and inspiring their future scientific endeavours.

Arlington Doo Dah
A huge thank you too all of our wonderful parent volunteers for running another successful Doo Dah event. Children and staff alike were thrilled to be eating their hot meals on a rather cold Doo Dah day.

DP Psychology Class
Year 12 Psychology students have been completing their final unit of the course – Developmental Psychology. Specifically looking at the role of play in early childhood social and cognitive development. As part of this unit, the students were joined by Teacher Kat’s 2-year-old son, Milo. While interacting with Milo, students observed and identified types of play. They also engaged him in some games that looked at the development of Theory of Mind in early childhood.

Year 8 Parliament House Visit
In an engaging excursion aligned with our Year 8 unit on politics, power, and privilege, our students had the opportunity to visit the Victorian Parliament House. During their one-hour tour, they learned fascinating details about the historic building, including the impressive fact that it was constructed in only eleven months. Students also discovered unique traditions, such as that royalty are not allowed to walk on the green carpet, only the red carpet within the building. Since there were no royals among us, we were all able to proceed into the Lower House chamber. The tour also provided an in-depth look at the legislative process, and how bills are passed in both the lower and upper houses. A highlight of the visit was meeting our local state Member of Parliament, Jess Wilson, who addressed the students in the House of Representatives. She shared insights about the dynamics of question time, the procedures for when members are ejected from the house, and the importance of our democratic process. Our students asked interesting and insightful questions, demonstrating their understanding of the political system. We look forward to building further on this knowledge, as we conclude our unit next week with critical questions around the workings of political power and privilege in our society.


Monday 17 June

  • 3:20pm-4:20pm:  BK – Homework Club – Gallery Classroom (upstairs in Kalimna)
Tuesday 18 June
  • 9:45am-2:20pm:  BK – Year 7 Excursion to Cinema (Hoyts Victoria Gardens) – Inside Out 2 (PG).
  • 9:45am-1:45pm:  Kindergarten – Excursion to Ballet (The Round) – The Utassy Ballet School’s Performance of the Ballets ‘Peter and the Wolf & Colours’.
  • 3:20pm-4:20pm:  BK – Homework Club – Gallery Classroom (upstairs in Kalimna)
Wednesday 19 June
  • 9:00am-2:45pm:  BK – Year 7 Excursion to CERES – Students will explore the impacts of waste, discover solutions to reduce waste and demonstrate ways to turn waste into a valuable resource linking in with our current unit of work on sustainability.
Thursday 20 June
  • 3:30pm-6:30pm:  Winter Solstice (All welcome) – Winter Solstice is an annual community festival of music, food, lanterns, and a bonfire. Held at the Preshil’s Primary school campus (Arlington), this celebration highlights the beauty of our community and brings together families, friends, and neighbors for an enchanting evening. The event features performances from our talented musicians, delicious food from a variety of community members, and a stunning display of handcrafted lanterns created by our primary students. The bonfire serves as a central gathering point, symbolising warmth and togetherness during the longest night of the year. This festival not only showcases the talents and creativity within our community but also strengthens our bonds through shared experiences and traditions. All are welcome to join us in celebrating the Winter Solstice, enjoying the festive atmosphere, and creating lasting memories. We hope to see you all there.
Friday 21 June
  • 7:00pm-11:00pm:  BK – Year 11 & 12 Formal (Glasshaus Inside)

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