Preshil’s First Alumni Council Meeting

The first meeting of Preshil's Alumni Council was held at the Arlington Campus last week, and it was a resounding success. Attendees included alumni and friends from many different years, all of whom were excited to reconnect with their alma mater and catch up with old friends.

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The meeting began with a warm welcome from our Principal, Josh Brody, who emphasised the importance of connection and community. He spoke about how Preshil values its alumni and the role they play in the life of Preshil. He also talked about the many ways that Preshil stays in touch with its alumni, including through events, newsletters and social media.

Next, members of the Council shared updates on their lives and careers. It was inspiring to hear about the diverse paths that Preshil alumni have taken and the ways in which they are making a positive impact in the world.

One of the main goals of the Alumni Council is to serve as a bridge between the School and its alumni. To that end, the council discussed a number of initiatives that they hope to undertake in the coming year. These include hosting events for alumni to come back to campus, organising mentorship programs for current students and raising money for scholarships so that more young people can benefit from a Preshil education.

The council also talked about the importance of staying connected with each other and with the school. Many alumni shared stories of how their time at Preshil had a lasting impact on their lives, and they emphasised the value of maintaining those connections.

Overall, the first meeting of the Preshil Alumni Council was a great success. It was a wonderful opportunity for alumni to reconnect with the school and each other, and to learn more about the many ways that Preshil is staying engaged with its alumni community.

We look forward to many more successful council meetings in the future and to staying connected with our alumni and friends!

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