“From the earliest years, children at Preshil are encouraged to choose... In later years, children are encouraged to choose and pursue one or more special interests... This tradition of  choosing special projects and electives continues throughout the school.

Preshil believes that providing children with the choice to follow their own interests leads to a more compelling and rewarding learning experience for both child and teacher. By taking ownership of their education children invest more of themselves and are more motivated to learn.

By learning to make their own choices in ever more significant ways, children begin to learn the importance of making good choices and taking responsibility for them. When children can understand that their every action is the product of a choice they themselves make, whether consciously or unconsciously, they become more empowered to direct their own lives.

By choosing to pursue their own interests children solidify their unique strengths and the growing expertise that will aid them in their later studies, as well as in their vocations as adults...”

The Electives Program at Preshil is designed to broaden students’ learning within and beyond the curriculum and is a pillar of our enduring commitment to making, choosing, building, playmaking and performing. Facilitating interdisciplinary experiences, the program can challenge and extend knowledge in a specific area of study, or spark an interest in a previously unexplored area.

Each term, students from Prep to Year 6, and Years 7 to 10 choose from an ever-evolving (thanks to student interests and suggestions) selection of subjects and activities from a vast array of topic areas including Health & Wellbeing, Community & School Partnerships, STEAM and Sport/Physical Development. We invite subject contributions from staff, parents, alumni and the wider Preshil community.

The Electives Program Enables Students To:

  • make choices about their learning
  • work at their own level on small projects
  • explore a diversity of experiences and approaches
  • engage with tasks that interest them and develop a positive attitude to learning
  • plan what they will do by setting short-term goals
  • locate resources required for the task
  • develop a sense of personal responsibility and accountability
  • communicate and work with their teachers/peers
  • ask questions


 Arduino Coding & Programming Juggling & Circus Skills Bonsai  Fencing
 Gardening The Preshil Paper  Taking a Line for a Walk Designing & Sewing
 World’s Oldest Stories: Australia’s Indigenous Beginnings  Mini Sculptures  Discover the Storyteller Inside  Slow Food
Yoga & Mindfulness  Electric Guitar Making Apothecary Science  Kerbal Space Program
 Vehicle Prototyping  Stop-Motion Innovation  Tennis  Dance



 Street Art  Minecraft EDU  Visual Storytelling  Textiles
 Lawn Bowls  Electronics  Arduino  3D Printing
 Glass Making  Taekwondo  Sculpture | Modelling  Kitchen Garden
 Zines  ETextiles  Drama  Publishing
 3D Photography  Poetry  Yoga & Mindfulness  Fundraising
 Swimming  Soccer  Music Industry 101  Glass Art
 Web Design  Theatre Sports  Photography  Photoshop
 Fashion Illustration  The Art of Pastry  Fencing  Ten Pin Bowls
 Writers Club  Game Design  Acting For Industry 101  Film Appreciation
 Self Defence  Philosophy  Tennis  Rocket Science
 Songwriting  Music Videos  Barista  Advanced Keyboard
 Hip Hop Dance  Botany  Biological Illustration  French Conversation
 Creative Writing  Journalism   DIY Science  many more…