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School Council Update – Term 1 2024

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Dear Preshil Community,

We hope this message finds you in good spirits as we bring you the latest updates from the Preshil School Board for the first time in our new whole school newsletter.

Strategic Plan Progress
Our strategic review is well underway led by our Board Strategy Committee. Board members are working hard on the review, with input from our staff and informed by community feedback, on articulating Preshil’s mission, vision and strategic goals for the next 3-5 years.
Thank you to those community members who provided their feedback about their experience of the School and both the challenges faced and opportunities available for our future. We are excited about the insights gained so far from students, families, staff and Alumni. You told us what you value most about Preshil, what is special about a Preshil education, and importantly, where we can make improvements. This feedback has been invaluable.
We are also undertaking market research to understand Preshil’s place in a market where many schools today promise a “student centred progressive” education in a traditional setting. As Australia’s oldest progressive school, with a history of openness to innovation in education, Preshil is uniquely placed to embrace forward–looking models of educational pedagogy and to deliver this in a kind and inclusive way that values each student’s strengths, encourages creative thinking and fosters individual expression and purpose in a changing world.

The work we are doing includes reviewing our mission and vision, our values and our strategic priorities for the next 3-5 years. Our expectation is that this work will result in some exciting, future focussed initiatives. For example, as part of our review we are considering how our buildings and landscape best support the programs on offer. We are thinking boldly about the future and how we can invest more proactively in our campuses to include innovative educational spaces to benefit our students’ learning.
We will have more to say at the Preshil Association Annual General Meeting on [date] May 2024.

Principal Recruitment Process
We are conscious that the Strategic Plan must be developed with input from and be endorsed by our new Principal.
Our Principal recruitment process is in full swing with support from educational sector specialists from the recruitment firm, Perret Laver, seeking a leader of the School for the next chapter of Preshil’s story.

Our Board Remuneration & Nomination Committee has been busy undertaking interviews, with input from our staff on what we are looking for in a Principal and how we plan to support them in a successful transition.
Pleasingly, we have been able to choose from a strong field of candidates from a variety of backgrounds. We are confident that we are on track to appoint our new Principal by the end of March and make a formal announcement early April to enable a seamless transition into Term 3 2024. There was a lot of keen interest in the role and candidates are energised by coming into the school as the Strategic Plan is being formulated and strategic goals are set.

Governance Updates
The Preshil Board is responsible for the governance of the School/ to assure its long-term success. This involves overseeing the overall performance of the School including the School’s finances, ensuring adequate risk management and appropriate compliance systems and processes are in place, setting the Strategic Goals and appointing and managing the performance of the Principal. Our key priorities currently are the recruitment of a new Principal and the development of the Strategic Plan.

The Board’s committees include a Finance and Risk Committee, an Education Committee, a Building and Environment Committee, an Advancement and Fundraising Committee as well as a Strategy Committee. Under the Preshil Constitution, the Board is composed of a combination of volunteer appointees with specialist skills and experience and elected members from our community.

Elections for the Board are held at each Annual General Meeting. We invite all of our community to attend our Annual General Meeting on 30 May 2024. Preshil Association members eligible to vote are those community members who have paid an annual membership fee of $20. Parents often pay this as part of their fee arrangements. The AGM is an important opportunity to hear about the School’s performance over the past year directly from the Chair of the Board and the Principal and have your say in our governance. We value engagement from our community about governance matters.

Thank you for your ongoing support and commitment to our great community here at Preshil and we look forward to providing you with another update from the Board in the coming months.

Yours sincerely,

Emma Zipper
School Council President

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