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Ski Camp Highlights

Swish, swoosh - many of our Year 9 to 12 students enjoyed a camp at Mt Hotham recently!

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Acting Head of Campus (BK), Karoline Kuti, reports that Ski Camp week was filled with challenge and fun for the Year 9 to 12 students that attended.

Students arrived at Mt Hotham with a variety of skill levels; from never having seen snow before to expert skiers and boarders. Over the course of the week, they developed new friendships, built new skills, pushed themselves out of their comfort zones, mentored one another, supported and encouraged each other and kept each other safe in what were, at times, extreme conditions. Karoline observed that the students were a cohesive and kind-hearted group and that they worked together to make the experience unforgettable.

This was a vertically integrated camp that brought students from four different year levels closer. We are happy that our students were able to share this experience and deepen their connection with each other.

Ski Camp was really good. I enjoyed spending time with classmates and it was nice to get to know people I don’t usually talk to. I have never skied before and although the lessons were frustrating at first they helped me so much. I reached a point where I could ski enough to keep up with my friends which was really fun. All the beginners were also helped by our peers, which was another great way to get to know people from other year levels. Every day on the slopes was good because you got to run into people you know and then could ski with. It was great because then you could talk about it in the lodge at night time. The lodge was homely and it was really nice to mingle with everyone from all year levels there. The MYP v DP snowball fight was epic – despite Rowan being knocked out. It was worth it for the DP win! 

Having never seen snow before the trip, Ski Camp was an opportunity to experience something completely new. I spent a lot of time on the ground, covered in snow or terrified that I was going to fly off the mountain – so generally it was a skill I wasn’t very good at. But throughout the trip, I never felt embarrassed or uncomfortable. I was encouraged at every step to keep going, learn from my mistakes and improve. It was such and amazing experience where I was able to be challenged and grow out of my comfort zone, while feeling totally safe and supported, surrounded by some of the best views in the world. All in all I had the best time! 

The 2022 Ski Camp was such a great experience in so many ways. It was an opportunity to make new friends, develop snow-sports skills and to learn outside of the classroom setting. People from all year levels present were interacting and becoming friends, which was really fun and nice to see. Everyone there was amazing and I’m very much looking forward to next year’s Ski Camp! 

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