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Spots of Kindness

Erin, a student at our Arlington Campus, recently organised an incredible bake sale to raise money for the Yellow Ladybugs Foundation, a charity that supports Neurodiverse Girls.

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Erin’s passion for raising awareness and support for Autism stems from her own journey. Recently, she proudly presented her story to the Whole School Meeting, inspiring her peers and teachers with her bravery and determination.

Erin invited all Preshil families to bring along some gold coins on Monday 3 April 2023 and support this important student-led fundraiser by treating themselves to a scrumptious baked good. Along with her mother, Erin spent all day Sunday baking delicious treats for the sale. Erin’s father also supported the effort by making gorgeous origami rings to give out. The event was a huge success and raised over $300 in a single day!

In addition to the baked goods, some students from BK joined in to offer nail polish for Arlington students while discussing Autism. The Bake Sale was so successful that the BK students even provided a little extra support at the senior campus, by selling some of Erin’s cakes and baked goods they had also prepared.

The Bake Sale not only raised funds for the Yellow Ladybugs Foundation, but it also raised awareness and sparked important conversations about Autism. Erin’s efforts are a true testament to the power of individuals to make a difference in their communities.

The $300 that Erin raised will be presented to the Yellow Ladybugs Foundation early next term at a Whole School Meeting. The Yellow Ladybugs Foundation is a non-government organisation dedicated to the happiness, success and celebration of autistic girls, women and gender-diverse individuals. They believe all autistic individuals deserve to be recognised, valued, accepted and supported in order to realise their full potential. They are committed to shining a positive light on autism through the creation of positive and inclusive experiences for our members.

Erin’s bake sale was a testament to the power of individuals and their ability to make a positive impact. We can all learn from her inspiring example and work to make our own communities better places.

Congratulations, Erin, on a job well done!

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