Student Representative Council Update

The Student Representative Council (SRC) has been engaged in problem-solving within the School. Year 10 student, Manny, is pleased to share an update with the community about some of their recent activities.

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Ever since its inception earlier this year, I believe that I, along with my peers, have been able to convey the needs of our classmates to ensure the best outcomes for the entire community. The SRC is a body that meets weekly to discuss the most pressing matters to the School and, based on these conversations, advise the staff on the best plan of action. It has been an immensely effective vehicle of communication and reform.

So far, based on the discussions I had with other student representatives, I’ve written a set of by-laws to administer the SRC. This document was ultimately ratified by the Council and is now the cornerstone of its governance. Together, we’ve worked with our fellow classmates on behavioural issues such as bags and phones in classrooms, reaching mutually beneficial resolutions with both students and teachers. This has overall fostered a more productive and amicable learning environment. I’ve cooperated with students who have great ideas, such as Kiki, who recently organised a spectacular, successful fundraising event, in order to make sure that their magnificent plans become a reality. As a group, we’ve focused on revising the dress code policy through discussions with the HR Coordinator, involving my female peers in the process to ensure that a diverse array of voices is heard. Moreover, in our most recent project, I worked with other SRC members, Jasper and Josh, to develop a Treasury Committee to manage the Council’s finances and realise projects across the School. This required the drafting of another set of by-laws which is currently under review.

In addition to this, I chair the Council, arranging the agenda before every meeting and leading the conversation and action so that we’re productive and actively pursuing the interests of the student body. This leadership role has strengthened my resolve to give back to the School, which has helped me so much. Overall, I’d deem the SRC to be a resounding success, for it has already and will continue to make the school a better place for everyone. 

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