Term 3 Doo Dah

You might be thinking, what on earth is Doo Dah? Keep reading to find out about this special community event at our Arlington Campus.

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Many years ago, a group of parents decided to cook an al fresco meal for the children of Arlington to celebrate the end of term. When Mug (former headmistress Margaret E Lyttle) asked what was going on, one of the parents said ‘Oh, it’s just a Doo Dah’. The name, and the celebration stuck.

Traditionally held at the close of each term, Doo Dah is a shared meal prepared, cooked and served to the Arlington community outdoors on The Bricks, by parents and carers. The day is organised by our Parent Representatives who ‘rally the troops’ and pull together a team of parents who run the day. It is a great way for parents with children from Kindergarten to Grade six to meet and get to know one another. We always welcome new family involvement!

Term 4’s Doo Dah will coincide with our end-of-term Arlington Big Day In, a concert featuring musical performances by our children who learn an instrument, either here at Arlington or outside of school. It is an opt-in event, and a way for our community to celebrate and encourage our young musicians.

Special thanks to Head of Campus (Arlington), Cressida Batterham-Wilson, for sharing this insight.

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