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Transition Day for Year 7 2023

We were delighted to host our 2023 Year 7 students at Preshil for a special day on Wednesday 16 November 2022, packed full of activities designed to support a smooth transition.

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Transitioning to Year 7 is an exciting time and Preshil makes every effort to support our families through this process. A series of transition events and programs have been tailored to ensure that our students experience a warm and welcoming start to Secondary School.

Most recently, we were delighted to host our 2023 Year 7 students at Preshil for a special day on Wednesday 16 November 2022, packed full of activities designed to support a smooth transition. On this day, students were introduced to a range of subjects that they will be experiencing in 2023 and beyond. The students enjoyed the day and we concluded with a family barbeque in the evening.

We are pleased to share a quick overview below of some of the many subjects and opportunities that our 2023 Year 7 students will be engaging with next year:

Mathematics in Year 7 is built upon a fostering of an appreciation and ideally love of Math. Building upon the PYP curriculum in the MYP, students will be engaged in developing their skills and understanding surrounding numbers and number systems, percentages, algebra, geometry, fractions, data management and measurement.

We provide opportunities for real-world contexts to be established and interacted with through local and global contexts. Tangible, hands-on activities allow for a grounding of the sometimes abstract content, and students are encouraged to share their own experiences and comprehensions. Through utilisation of textbooks, online software and other technologies, students are afforded an ideal platform to build their foundation of mathematics into their futures.

Year 7 Art at Preshil is a chance for students to explore a range of techniques and have time to develop their creative skills and ideas through term-based units. Students will have a chance to work in the areas of drawing, painting, printmaking, ceramics, fibre art and sculpture. 

Students will also have an opportunity to develop interdisciplinary skills by combining their knowledge in the subjects of Language and Literature and Art through the design and creation of an illustrated story.

Individuals and Societies
The Year 7 Individuals and Societies (I&S) course at Preshil encourages students to respect and understand the world around them and equips them with a skill base appropriate for a learner in the 21st century. The Individuals and Societies course involve inquiring into historical, contemporary, philosophical, geographical, political, social, economic, religious, technological and cultural contexts that influence and have an impact on individuals, societies and environments.

Through the envelopment of the ATL’s (MYP Approaches to Learning Skills) and a philosophical lens,  students start to appreciate critically, the diversity of human culture, attitudes and beliefs. and for accepting the tolerance of uncertainty. The focus on real-world examples, research and analysis are an essential component of the I&S subject.

In Year 7 Music, students are exposed to a diverse range of musical styles and reflect on the many different reasons why people make music. They explore themes including World Music, Music for Dance, Protest Music, Horror Music and Musical Storytelling to analyse, compose and reflect on their own artistic process. Students create music-related text types, including podcasts, presentations, magazine reviews and “rock star” interviews. They compose and perform their own music using traditional instruments and computer technology.

At Preshil, we offer a dynamic Drama program as part of the MYP from Years 7-10. We also offer an IB Theatre program in 11 & 12 and an annual production from Years 9-12.

In Year 7 Drama, we have one double lesson a week. We learn the fundamentals of being an engaging communicator through an inquiry into performance. We explore how to create exciting stories through the use of freeze frames, mime, improvisation, narrative and voice. The students investigate how tension can be used to evoke emotions from an audience and can be heightened to create variety in styles, such as Melodrama. We also explore inclusivity as actors to see who is and isn’t commonly included and represented in storytelling. Throughout the year, the students learn how to express themselves, how to control their emotions through processes such as meditation and more importantly, how to play.

Language and Literature
Year 7 Language and Literature assists students to gain the tools they require to start their secondary literature journey. We spend the year compiling narrative and persuasive texts in interesting and challenging ways, such as creating picture books (creative) and conducting TED talks (persuasive). There is a focus on analysis and understanding text structure and meaning. Plus, we work on our student’s ability to write formal essay structures,  laying the foundations for the years ahead. 

Our curriculum is also designed around our school values and places student well-being at the forefront of each class. Highlighting friendship (stories of survival) and kindness (the pay it forward project) are two examples of how we create an inclusive, caring classroom from the moment our students step through the door. 

In Science at Preshil, we value the ideas of growing in knowledge and skills so that students can independently undertake scientific investigations of their choice.

In Year 7, we teach the 3 major disciplines of science, Biology (ecosystems and classification), Chemistry (lab safety and the states of matter) and Physics (simple machines) across three terms.

The fourth term also allows students the opportunity to present the skills that they have learned through a supported, and self-chosen investigation. This culminates in the Year 7 & 8 Science Exhibition that is presented to the school community at the end of the year.

At the Senior School we offer French at Year 7. Students learn French right from the beginning and start off learning about introductions and greetings, family, pets and food. There is an emphasis on vocabulary building and grammar, and throughout the curriculum, we aim to develop our empathy and cultural competence by more deeply looking at the varied cultures of francophone countries.

Physical Education and Health
​​At Preshil Physical Education and Health, we will generally spend our double lessons doing sporting activities and our single lessons in the classroom learning about subjects such as Healthy Relationships, Fitness, Cyber Safety, Puberty and Harm Minimisation. 

Our curriculum aims to develop knowledge, skills and attitudes that allow students to understand physical development, health perspectives, informed decisions and positive social interaction. We also endeavour to give our students the opportunity to sample many different physical activities. We want our students to develop confidence, enjoyment and engagement in the world around them as well as a lifelong love for physical activity.

Inclusive Education
Our Inclusive Education team works with parents and students to unpack unique learning styles and to work together to build bridges to managing and extending students beyond the curriculum. They also work with teachers to make sure that learning is accessible and tailored to challenge students no matter their level. They look forward to getting to know everyone in 2023!

Careers and Electives
Our Preshil Careers program provides each individual student with current information and guidance relevant to their personal interests and desired career outcomes. We also have a dedicated Careers website with lots of interesting resources.

The Electives program is a weekly session each term that is designed to broaden students’ learning within and beyond the curriculum and it fosters our enduring commitment to making, choosing, building, playmaking and performing. It offers the possibility to challenge, extend or deepen knowledge in a specific area of study, extend a hobby or ignite a new passion.

The BK Library is a beautiful place to be. Relax with a book, or get some research done! Language and Literature classes visit the library on a regular basis. As a Preshil student, you have many opportunities to work in the library with your class, choose literature to read or play board games at lunchtime. Our friendly Librarian, Caitlin, can help you with your research, your references, or finding your next favourite book.

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